Natural Nails vs. Acrylic Nails


Natural Nails vs. Acrylic Nails

Which are right for you: natural nails, or acrylic nails? While many favor the natural look, there is an advantage to sporting a set of gorgeous falsies. Here is what you need to know about both styles to help you choose the best look for your hands.

    What are acrylic nails?

  1. Acrylic nails are small acrylic rectangles that are glued onto your natural nails and then filed and shaped by a manicurist to resemble a natural outgrowth. Acrylic nails are also available in drug and grocery stores as pre-made "press-on nails." However, the acrylic nails applied by professional manicurists are longer lasting, and are generally considered to be more natural looking.

    Why acrylic nails?

  2. Women seek out acrylic nails for two reasons: either they have weak natural nails that break off and tear before achieving their desired length, or they simply like the appearance of these long false nails.

    Dangers of acrylic nails

  3. Acrylic nails have their drawbacks. Namely, they pose potential but rare health concerns. If nails are improperly applied, a small space can form between the natural nail and the fake nail, creating a small moist breeding ground for bacteria and toenail fungus.

    Other options for those with weak nails

  4. Just because you’re stuck with weak nails doesn’t mean that you have to immediately resort to acrylic nails. Drugstore brands like Sally Hansen and Orly make nail strengthening polishes that aid in growing and strengthening your natural nails.

    Costs of acrylic nails vs. natural nails

  5. Acrylic nails require upkeep that can be costly. As the natural nail begins to grow, the acrylic moves forward with it, leaving a noticeable gap between the acrylic nail and cuticle. Each visit to the salon can cost you anywhere from $20 to $70. Natural nails, obviously, don’t cost anything besides what you may pay for polish or manicure tools–both of which can be purchased for very little at any drugstore.

    Special occasion nails

  6. A woman sports a manicure on her wedding day.

    Many women choose to sport acrylic nails for special occasions, such as their wedding day or prom. As mentioned, acrylic nails can weaken the natural nail, since the adhesive sucks moisture out of natural nails and causes them to become brittle. If you’re going to wear acrylic nails for a special occasion, be sure to moisturize your hands and use a nail strengthener to restore your natural nail after you have had the acrylic nails removed.

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